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The following people and books played a large role in establishing Comando Supremo on the internet. Each article also includes specific sources and references.

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  • “Warships of World War Two.” Collins/Jane’s. 1996
  • Fabio Belli, Rome, Italy: For acquiring Benito Mussolini’s Declaration of War.
  • Paolo Marcenaro, for his outstanding articles.
  • Lupo Solitario, Italy: For his invaluable contributions.
  • JDG: For his many outstanding article contributions.
  • Lele, Italy: For his many outstanding article contributions.
  • Anthony Macchiarulo: For his computer knowledge.
  • Alberto Rosselli for the invaluable photographs and information.
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    A Pictorial History: Website maintained by Cristiano D’Adamo
  • Macchi C.205 Veltro. Hasegawa Hobby Kits
  • Falange
  • Benito Mussolini: From the Lowe Family Photo Archives
  • Uncommon Aircraft
  • The Avalon Study at Yale Law School
  • The many knowledgeable members of the Comando Supremo Forum