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Conte di Cavour Class Battleship

A port side view of the Conte di Cavour

A port side view of the Conte di Cavour

The “Giulio Cesare” and “Conte di Cavour” were built in 1914 and were the first units to be rebuilt in 1933. Work included improvement of artillery from 305 to 320mm caliber, substitution of engines and remodeling of shape. While “Cesare” and “Doria”originally belonged in the same class, differences in refitting was so great, that in WWII they were seen as different classes. These two units were the only ones in service on June 10, 1940, while all others were still in yards. “Cavour” was torpedoed during the British air strike at Taranto in November 1940. Due to the limited capability of the Italian yards, it was decided to postpone repairs so as to focus on the more modern units.” As result, on September 8, 1943, “Cavour” had still not came back in service and considered lost.


Length 186.4 m
Speed 27 knots
Beam 28 m
Armament 10 x 320/44mm, 12 x 120/50mm, 8 x 100/47mm, 12 x 37/54mm, 12 x 13.2mm
Armor 250mm Verticle 135mm Horizontal
Draft 10.4 m
Weight 26,140 Tons
Compliment 1,236
Class Giulio Cesare, Conte di Cavour

Information Courtesy Lupo Solitario.