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Semovente da 149/40

Semovente da 149/40

The Semovente da 149/40 was a completely unprotected weapon as the long gun barrel was placed on an open mounting carried on the turretless tank chassis. The gun crew stood in the open to serve the gun that had is trunnions mounted right to the rear to absorb some of the recoil forces produced on firing.

Armored Vehicle Production 1940-1945

Italian armored vehicle production from 1940-1945.

Tanks and Armored Vehicles used by RSI Forces

A listing of tanks and armored vehicles used by RSI forces.

Flame Throwers

Soldier using mod.35 flamethrower. Photo courtesy Martin Haugland.

Flame throwers used by Italy in World War Two. This flamethrower weighed approximately 27 kg, and had 12 kg of incendiary liquid and 6 liters of propellant. Range was about 20 meters, and the area of coverage was of 35×15 meters. About 20 “salvos” could be fired.