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Order of Battle Royal Hellenic Army – Oct 1940

By Jeffrey W.S. Leser and Dimitrios Papadopoulos (???????? ????????????) This is a working document. It is not complete. I will be making changes/adding new materials as I can. If you have information to share, please post in the thread in the Comando Supremo forum. 1st Army Corps: II Infantry Division (Atena) 1st, 3rd, 34th Infantry […]

Brigata Corazzata Speciale: An Organizational History

By Jeffrey W.S. Leser At the outbreak of the European war in September 1939, the Italian forces in Africa Settentrionale (A.S.) lacked major armored formations. The Italian Army had established three armored divisions the year before the war, but these were still equipped the small carri veloci (CV) type light tanks that had been found […]

Italian Divisional Organizations tipo Africa Settentrionale (A.S.)

In Libya, the Italian military forces were organized under the Comando Superiore Forze Armate Africa Settentrionale (A.S).

The Regia Aeronautica, 10 June 1940

The order of battle of the Regia Aeronautica on 10 June, 1940.

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Regia Marina, 10 June 1940

The order of battle of the Regia Marina on 10 June, 1940.