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History of the Alpine Ski battalion ‘Monte Cervino’

Monte Cervino

Organized on 10 June 1940 from personnel assigned to the scuola alpina d’Aosta (Aosta Alpini School) as the battaglione alpini « Duca degli Abruzzi » ; assigned to the Alpini Corps under the 4° Army. Served in the Western Alps during the Italian offensive against France in June 1940.

Unit Membership

Membership in the battaglione Alpini Sciatori « Monte Cervino » is open to all women and men interested in learning about the Alpini, the Italian military in general, and Italy’s role in the Second World War through the medium of Living History.

Personal Field Equipment


The focus of this site is to aid unit members to identify and acquire the items needed to accurately portray an Alpino assigned to the btg. Monte Cervino.

Italian Drill Manual

This .pdf is provided for use by reenacting groups and researchers. This file can be printed for private use by individuals and reenacting groups, but any use for publication, posting on the internet, or for profit must be approved by the author.

Unit Photos

Monte Cervino Reenactment unit photos