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Camicie Nere (The MVSN & CCNN Combat Units)

In October 1939 Mussolini announced his plan to create 142 Battalions for combat service, forming them into Combat Legions (each of 2 CCNN Battalions). The Legions would be incorporated into existing Army formations (principally Infantry Divisions)

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GGFF (Giovani Fascisti) 1941-1943

Contrary to popular belief, the “Giovani Fascisti” (Young Fascists, or GGFF) were not part of the MVSN (Fascist Militia), but were instead a Regular Army unit whose members had been recruited from the GUF (Gioventu’ Universitaria Fascista) – which was however, a Fascist Party sponsored organization however.

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Decima Flottiglia MAS

The Italian Frogman

The 10th Light Flotilla was responsible for 28 ships sunk or damaged in World War Two. These ships include the battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Valiant, cruiser HMS York and 111,527 tons of merchant shipping.

The Italian Army and Component Parts

A break down of the Regio Esercito and its component parts

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Libyan and National paratrooper units 1940-41

In contrast to the Tonini paratroopers, a large portion of the National Paratrooper Battalion did manage to escape or evade capture by running the gauntlet of enemy artillery along the coastline.