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Field Marshal Giovanni Messe

Field Marshal Giovanni Messe

Major General Giovanni Messe felt that he and his 60,000 soldiers were ill equipped for the Nazi invasion of Russia.

Prince Amedeo Savoia-Aosta: The Warrior Prince of Italy

Prince Amedeo knew the battle of Keren would decide the fate of Italian East Africa.  Picture courtesy of Royaltyguide.

The Duke launched small operations at both the British in Kenya and the French in French Somalia in June of 1940. The main assault on British Somaliland started on August 3rd 1940. The Duke had about 25,000 men fighting under the leadership of General Guglielmo Nasi pour into the British territory that day. They captured town after town, and by August 19th the last British troops who were pushed to the coast were now evacuated to the sea by the Royal Navy.

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Field Marshal Pietro Badoglio

Marshal Pietro Badoglio

He remained in the background until the downfall of Mussolini on July 25, 1943 which he helped engineer. Badoglio then became Prime Minister of Italy and quickly arranged for an armistice with the Allies on September 3rd. On September 8th, Italy surrendered unconditionally. Badoglio dissolved the Fascist Party and declared war on Germany on October 13, 1943.

Air Marshal Italo Balbo


When Germany invaded Poland, Balbo rushed to Rome to show his disappointment and disagreement with the warmongering policy of the Duce. Balbo said that the Fascist hierarchy had become the German’s shoe-shiners, and Mussolini struck back saying that Balbo was a “democratic pig”.

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Field Marshal Ettore Bastico

Field Marshal Ettore Bastico

On July 19, 1941, he was named governor of Libya and commander of all troops on the North African Theater. He also had nominal command over Rommels troops.