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Carro M11/39

Carro M11/39

Originally designated the Fiat-Ansaldo 8 T, the M 11/39 was developed for infantry support in 1937 and mounted a 37 mm gun in a sponson and powered by a 125 HP Fiat SPA 8T V-8 engine with a maximum speed of 20 mph. The M11 armor was relatively thin and only designed to protect against 20mm fire.

This tank had no radio and coordination was conducted by radio in side car fitted motorcycles on the battle field. The M.11/39 was replaced by the Carro M.13/40 in 1940. A total of 100 units were produced, 72 sent to Libya in July 1940 and 24 deployed in Italian East Africa (12 in Eritrea and 12 in Somalia).



Class M.11/39
Armor 7 mm-30 mm
Range 210 km
Weight 12 tons
Speed 32 km/hr
Dimensions Length:15’11”, Width: 7’1″, Height: 6’11”
Crew 3
Armament 37mm Vickers-Terni L 40 with 84 rounds, 2 Breda Model 88 MG’s


  1. Carro M11/39 to was a stange tank but it can be a effect weapon with a 37mm and two 2 Breda Model 88 MG’s it was more batter agints troops than other tanks the torrot can go 360 to protect the rear or sides which makes it more than effect weapon.