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Carcano MOD.91 and 91/38


This was the standard Italian rifle in both world wars. It was one of the first rifles to have such a small caliber. It was a bolt-action rifle, with fixed center loader, with 6 rounds in a clip. The Mod.91/38 was derived from the Mod.91 and had a shortened barrel with a 7.35 mm caliber, with fixed 500m aim, and a moveable bayonet.

In all Mod.91 rifle types were: Fucile 91 – Moschetto 91 – Moschetto per T.S. – Moschetto 91/24 – Fucile 91/41 – Fucile 91/38 – Moschetto 91/38 – and the Special Forces Moschetto 91/38 Breda speciale (only a prototype).


Year 1891
Caliber 6.5mm
Total Length 1285 mm
Barrel Length 780 mm
Bayonet Length 414 mm
Weight 3.8 kg
Max Rate of Fire 12 Rounds Per Minute
Ave Rate of Fire 6 Rounds Per Minute
Max Range 2000 Meters
Effective Range 300 Meters Magazine
Magazine 6 Round Clip