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Barbiano/Candorna Class Light Cruiser

Bartolomeo Colleoni

These two classes were practically identical and built within two years of each other in the 1930’s. They were unbalanced units with limited protection, with better belt armor but was still considered too “light” and full of defects. Apart from “Cadorna”, all were destroyed in the first period of war.


Length 169.3 m
Speed 36.5 knots
Beam 15.5 m
Main Guns 8×152/53mm, 6×100/47mm
Secondary Guns 8×20/65mm, 8×13,2mm, 4 tls 533mm
Draft 5.5 m
Weight 5,315 Tons
Compliment 507
Class Condotieri Cardona

Information Courtesy Lupo Solitario