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Mitragliatrice Breda MOD.37

Mitragliatrice Breda MOD.37

This was the standard “heavy” machine gun used from 1937 to 1945. The Mod. 37 used 8mm rounds and had a magazine of 20 rounds. The interesting fact is that the fired rounds were reinserted in the magazine. Also the ammunition had to be oiled prior to firing to prevent the cases from sticking in the chamber. Every 450-500 rounds the barrel had to be changed.


Year 1937
Caliber 8.0 mm
Total Length 1270 mm
Barrel Length 780 mm
Weight 19.4 kg
Max Rate of Fire 460 Rounds Per Minute
Ave Rate of Fire 250 Rounds Per Minute
Max Range 5200 Meters
Effective Range 1000 Meters
Magazines 20 round clips, but a high fire power could be obtained by inserting clips after another in succession

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