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Breda 30

Breda 30

This weapon, designed by Breda in 1930, and had several flaws in the design:

1: Fragile usage with bad lubrication
2: Too fragile 20 magazines
3: High building costs due to extreme mechanical perfection
4: Slow Rate Of Fire

This was an automatic weapon and used a direct recoil system, so that bolt and barrel recoiled in different spaces. The cooler system was by air, but after some hundreds of rounds the barrel had to be changed. This weapon was produced from 1930-1937.


Year 1930
Caliber 6.5 mm
Total Length 1230 mm
Barrel Length 450 mm
Height with Bipod 360 mm
Weight 10.6 kg
Max Rate of Fire 500 Rounds Per Minute
Ave Rate of Fire 180 Rounds Per Minute
Max Range 3000 Meters
Effective Range 800 Meters
Velocity 630 mps

Expanded Photo provided by Lele