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Beretta MOD.34 Automatic Pistol

Beretta MOD.34 Automatic Pistol

The Beretta Mod.34 Automatic Pistol was derived from earlier models like the Mod.15,19 and 23. The Mod.34 was safe and had sufficient stopping power. It had a semiautomatic system, and used 9mm rounds or 38 APC.


Year 1934
Caliber 8.84mm
Total Length 150 mm
Barrel Length 86.5 mm
Height 120.5 mm
Weight 0.617 kg
Max Rate of Fire 40 Rounds Per Minute
Ave Rate of Fire 14 Rounds Per Minute
Max Range 600 Meters
Effective Range 25 Meters Magazine
Magazine 7 Rounds


  1. Kathy I did all I could so what found is little but good. I found it was made in West Germany its also know as RECK P-8 6.35m (25 Caliber) it is a poket gun and small. It is not as power full as the Beretta MOD.34 Automatic Pistol. The clip 7+1 round magazine and size a wight would be half to the Beretta MOD.34 Automatic Pistol. That is all if you want any thing else just ask I hope it helps.

  2. Hi, thank you, anything and everything. I am obtaining this weapon (RECK 25mm) for self protection and affordable and just trying to find out all I can about it as I do not have it yet and I want to be informed as best I can about any weapon in my possession. Thanks so much, Kathy

  3. Kathy what do you want to know about it.

  4. I was wondering if you could give me any information on the RECK 25mm. I saw someone compate it to the Beretta Model 34 and just not sure, have not been able to find much information on it.

    Thanks bunches,