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The Breda Model 35

The Breda Model 35 on its tripod platform

The Breda Model 35 was an anti-aircraft gun used by Italy during World War II. The design was developed in 1932 and it began being used in combat by the Italian military in 1935.

Cannone da 75/46

The Cannone da 75/46 in service

The Cannone da 75/46 was an anti-aircraft gun produced by Italy and used by Italy, Germany and the Allies during World War II.

The Battle of Cape Matapan


Despite the name Battle of Cape Matapan, the actual fighting was not on Cape Matapan but out to sea in several locations.

Field Marshal Giovanni Messe

Field Marshal Giovanni Messe

Major General Giovanni Messe felt that he and his 60,000 soldiers were ill equipped for the Nazi invasion of Russia.

Italy’s First Jet: Campini-Caproni CC.2

Campini-Caproni CC.2 by Martin.bergner

The Campini Caproni CC2 jet, also known as the Campini-Caproni N.1, was the first jet to come out of Italy.