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Italian Folgore at El Alamein: Unbreakable

Folgore on patrol

The Folgore has often received praise and admiration for the bravery they displayed during the fighting at El Alamein.

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Giovani Fascisti at Point 174: The Stand in the Sand


The Giovani Fascisti arrived in Libya just a few months earlier in July of 1941, and up to that point were yet untested in true battle.

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Magliana, Monterotondo, and Porta San Paolo: The Bloody Battles in Defense of Rome

Marshal Badoglio. Picture courtesy of

The fiercest fighting that would occur between the Italian and German forces took place in the defense of Rome, particularly to the south.

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The Leonardo da Vinci Submarine: Italian Terror of the Atlantic

The Leonardo da Vinci heads out to sea. Picture courtesy

The Leonardo da Vinci submarine was the most lethal Italian hunter of Allied shipping throughout World War Two.

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Decima Flottiglia MAS: Strike on Alexandria

Junio Borghese:  Picture courtesy of

This Decima Flottiglia MAS strike on Alexandria opened a window of opportunity for the Axis in their efforts to support the war in North Africa.

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