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About marco amerigo fermani

I was born in Padua August 14 1972.

Mario Arillo


Mario Arillo was assigned to the Ambra with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. This submarine destined for Mediterranean War was smaller and more agile.

Carlo Fecia di Cossato

Fecia di Cossatoa

When Italy entered the war on 10 June 1940, Carlo Fecia di Cossato had the command of the submarine “Menotti” of the 34° Squadriglia of Messina

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Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia

Gazzana 2

Gianfranco Gazzana Priaroggia’s mark on military history came when he was transferred as second commander on the submarine “Tazzoli” stationed at Betasom.

Field Marshal Emilio De Bono


Despite not having any political background, Emilio De Bono became a mediator between the military environment and Fascism.

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Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani


Found guilty in 1948, Rodolfo Graziani was sentenced to 19 years in prison for collaboration with the Germans. However on 1950 he was released.

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