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Events of 1942

Italian calvary gearing for an attack in Soviet Union

A list of events that occurred in 1942 pertaining to Italy in World War Two.

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Events of 1943

Field Marshal Messe

A timeline of the events occurring in 1943 regarding Italy in World War Two.

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Events of 1944-1945

Italian soldiers near Monte Lungo

In the beginning of 1944, the 185th Nembo Autonomous Parachute Unit was employed on the Gustav line front with heavy fighting against seasoned German Units. Some of the heavier engagements were Mainarde, Monte Marrone and Monte San Michele.

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The Repubblica Sociale Italiana, RSI

Mussolini, Pavolini and F. Barracu on 25 Apr 45. Three days before his execution

Mussolini realized in the months following his new appointment that the RSI was little different than the other occupied countries of Germany. Northern Italy was to support the German war effort. Mussolini was flanked by German counselors, and even protected by 30 SS men of Hitler’s personal body guards.

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