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The Fall of British Somaliland

Italian forces invading British Somaliland

On 3rd August 1940, the Italian forces crossed the border in a trident formation, the left-hand column angled for Zeila, the central column for Hargeisa and the right-hand column for Odweina.

The Dismantling of the ltalian East African Empire

Sellassie's return to Ethiopia on a Vickers Valentia.  Image: Imperial War museum

The Battle of Agordat lasted three days from 28th January and was fought by both sides with vigor and was in the end won by the 4th Indian Division after the timely arrival of four Matilda infantry tanks which the Italians could not counter.

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World War Two Maps

Italian Front

World War Two maps pertaining to Italian forces.

Operazione C.3/Operation Hercules

Bombing destruction on Malta

Mid 1942 was the perfect opportunity to implement Operation Hercules. The threat of RN aircraft carriers was not that strong. The British did not have the luxury to send that many carriers into the Mediterranean, and the British did not want to risk sending such a large force, when at that time, the Axis had complete superiority in the skies near Malta.

Letter from Hitler to Mussolini, August 25, 1939

The relation of Germany to Poland, not through the blame of the Reich, but as a result of the activity of England, has become considerably more unsatisfactory since spring and in the last few weeks the position has become simply unbearable. The reports about the persecution of the Germans in the border areas are not invented press reports but represent only a fraction of the terrible truth.