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I created Comando Supremo: Italy at War in 2000 because of the the limited amount of information on Italian forces in WWII that was available online. Thanks to people like you, this site has grown to what it is today. Thank you for visiting and please bookmark the site!

Book Preview: Sacrifice on the Steppe

Alpini on the Russian Don

Book review on Italian actions in World War Two titled Sacrifice on the Steppe: The Alpine Corps in the Stalingrad Campaign 1942-1943.


Medal for Civil Valor (Silver)

Decorations for the Italian military in World War Two.

Fascist, Athletic & Other Awards

Athletic Award

A selection of Fascist, Athletic & Other Awards

Merit and Other Awards

Prolific Mothers

A selection of merit and other Italian awards.


Civil Order of Savoy

A selection of orders for the Italian military.

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