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Contributing author on the Comando Supremo website with a concentration on book reviews and articles pertaining to WWII in Italian East Africa, Operation Herring, and military figures such as Italo Balbo and Amedeo Guillet.

The Rise and Fall of Italian East Africa and the Battle of Keren


The first phase of the Keren battle is characterized by the stubborn and brilliant Italian resistance on the Dongolaas ravine, and on the surrounding peaks and valleys.

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Operation Herring (1945)

Members of the Nembo Regiment

The goal of the mission was to attack withdrawing enemy troops, sabotaging of telephone lines, creation of obstacles on the withdrawal path of the enemy and, last but not least, the saving of bridges and other structures that might be useful to the progression of the Allied advance.

Air Marshal Italo Balbo


When Germany invaded Poland, Balbo rushed to Rome to show his disappointment and disagreement with the warmongering policy of the Duce. Balbo said that the Fascist hierarchy had become the German’s shoe-shiners, and Mussolini struck back saying that Balbo was a “democratic pig”.

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