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War in the Med – Part 7 – the first month – air and sea…..

HMS Calypso was the first Royal Navy vessel lost in the Med

When Italy declared war on Britain and France, the Allies had already been in it for nine months. The British Dominions had mobilized as could be expected and their reinforcements were already on their way to England and the potential battle zones in Africa, the Middle East and Singapore. France had transferred troops from their […]

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War in the Mediterranean – Part 6 – the Italian Army – and some politics.

Field Marshall Badoglio was opposed to Italy entering the war.

As with the Italian Air Force and Navy, writers have put much emphasis on seemingly major weaknesses in the Italian Army’s organization and equipment when Italy entered the war in 1940. However, as with the Navy and Air Force, when putting these weaknesses in a relative context, they are less obvious. The Italian Army was […]

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War in the Mediterranean – Part 5 – Regia Marina in June 1940

The cruiser Raimondo Montecuccoli in happier times - visiting Australia before the war.

On April 11th 1940 Admiral Cavagnari, the Commander-in-Chief of the Italian Navy, wrote to the Italian Chief of the General Staff, Marshal Badoglio: “The possibility thus not existing to carry out the fulfillment of important strategic objectives or to bring about the defeat of the enemy’s naval forces, entering the war on our own initiative […]

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War in the Mediterranean – Part 4 – Italy on the brink – Regia Aeronautica


How was the situation for the RA – Regia Aeronautica (Italian Royal Air Force) just before Italy entered into the immense event that became the Second World War? Did they have the equipment, the people, the organisation? Did they have a choice? What were the Italian intentions with the war? How was their Air Force […]

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War in the Mediterranean – part 3 – Italian plane, bad plane?


I collect diecast models – mainly from the WW2 period. An English supplier I buy a lot from put up for sale a 1/72 scale model of the the Italian M13/40 tank. Part of his description of the model was: “Comes with 2 forward and 15 backward drives”…Ponder that for a moment. The owner of […]

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