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How NOT to write a military article. The curious case of Dr Emanuele Sica.

Soldati sul fronte delle Alpi occidentali, al confine con la Francia, il 25 giugno 1940

How NOT to write a military article. The case of Dr Emanuele Sica. Sica, Emanuele, The Italian Army and the Battle of the Alps, Canadian Journal of History; 47:2, Autumn 2012. A critical review. Sica has written what amounts to a misleading account of the June 1940 Italian incursion into France. It is a sad […]

German Military Incompetence Through Italian Eyes


  Dr James Sadkovich, European History, University of Wisconsin. ‘German Military Incompetence Through Italian Eyes’ War In History 1994 1: 39 Commentary     In his insightful article, ‘German military incompetence through Italian eyes’,  Dr James Sadkovich has given us a long overdue reevaluation of the Italian-German alliance. He begins with a quote from Gaetano Salvemini who […]

Anglo-American bias and the Italo-Greek War of 1940-1941

Italian military parade in from of the Acropolis, Greece.

James Sadkovich, ‘Anglo-American bias and the Italo-Greek War of 1940-1941’,  The Journal of Military History  58.4 (Oct 1994): 617. by Annales. In his article and much of his work, James Sadkovich has succeeded in exposing a long held historiographical tradition of bias toward the Italian war effort. For too long, popular writers and academic historians […]