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Some myths concerning Italian leadership, morale and combat performance

Italian Fiat M1340 tanks in the North African Campaign in 1941.

There are several enduring myths about the Italians in the Second World War that have been largely created by the Anglo-American-German fraternity. In my research it appears that many Anglo-American historians have simply taken German disparaging, prejudiced accounts of their Axis partners – the Italians – on face value and to heart. For example, the […]

Ponte Perati: The ‘Highway of Death’ of the Greek Army in Albania

Lt Col Achille Lauro of the Bari Division

Ponte Perati: The ‘Highway of Death’ of the Greek Army in Albania by David Aldea You can contact David at:   David is also the co-author of 5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands (Leo Cooper, 2003) and has written numerous articles, including “Blood and Mud at Goose Green” (Military History Magazine, April 2002)   […]

Greco-Italian War

Small town in Greece

 Occupied town in northern Greece,  Spring, 1941.   The Greco-Italian War (28 October 1940 to 23 April 1941)   So who really won the war?   That’s a question that has plagued military historians for years. On October 28, 1940 a cocky but under strength Italian force crossed the Albanian border to invade northern Greece […]

What’s wrong with Wikipedia articles dealing with war-time Italy?


  For those of us who have either had the good or bad fortune to be a Wiki editor, one quickly understands that there is a subtle and often not so subtle sub-narrative lurking beneath many of the articles dealing with Italy’s wartime involvement. While no doubt, the majority of Wiki editors  write in good […]

Reappraising Italy’s Role in World War Two

Attacco in Marmarica di una posizione britannica nell'autunno 1941

  Attacco in Marmarica di una posizione britannica nell’autunno 1941                                  (Attack at Marmarica on a British position in the autumn of 1941.  Dr James Sadkovich is a well respected historian who has done much in the last few decades […]