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Audio Downloads

Various audio downloads pertaining to Italy in World War Two.

Speech: Mussolini’s declaration of war to France and UK (Complete Version 15 min long)File Size: 2,486 K. Courtesy: Lele
Speech: Mussolini’s declaration of war to France and UK (Short Version)File Size: 1,732 K. Courtesy: Fabio Belli
Speech: Mussolini on Greece File Size: 219 K
Speech: Mussolini on “victory” File Size: 877 K
Speech: Mussolini on the “empire” File Size: 1,581 K
Song: Africanina File Size: 632K
Song: Vincere, vincere, vincere (Text) File Size: 1,308 K. Courtesy: Lele
Song: All’ Armi! (Text) File Size: 2,883 K. Courtesy: Lele
Song: Battaglioni M (Text) File Size: 2,226 K. Courtesy: Lele
Song: Duce!, Duce! File Size: 2,486 K
Song: Giovinezza File Size: 3,786 K
Song: Fascismo – Lili Marlene File Size: 1.0 MB. Courtesy Eddy Cassin
Radio Broadcast: Mussolini Announcing End of Ethiopian WarFile Size: 287 K. Courtesy Eddy Cassin.BBC Announcement of the end of hostilities.
Radio Broadcast: Italy Declares War on Germany File Size: 273 K. Courtesy Eddy Cassin.
BBC’s Freddie Grisewood announcing Badoglio’s Italy declaring war on Germany ( audio file).