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Aquila Class Aircraft Carrier

The Aquila. Courtesy C.T. Burke via British Ministry of Defence

Once Italy realized the importance of air power in the sea, the construction of the Aquila took place. The Aquila was 1 of 3 planned aircraft carriers for the Italian navy. The Aquila was to hold up to 53 Reggiane Re 2001 aircraft. Construction began in 1942 by modifying the ocean liner “Roma”. In 1943, Italian frogmen partially scuttled the ship to prevent it from getting into German hands. It was then salvaged, but scuttled by the Germans in 1945. In 1946 the Aquila was salvaged but to only to be towed for scrap metal. It never entered service for the Italian Navy.


Length 680′
Flight Deck Length 759′
Speed 30 Knots
Beam 96.5′
Draft 23′
Main Guns 8 x 5.3″/45 cal
Secondary Guns Heavy AA 12 x 65mm/64 cal
Aircraft 53
Weight 28,500 full load
Horsepower 148,000
Compliment 1,000-1,300
Shafts 4
Construction Period 1942-1945

Special thanks to warships1 for specifications on the Aquila.


  1. To bad it was never used it would have been the best.