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Invasion of France (20 June, 1940)

Army Group West
(H.R.H. Umberto di Savoia, Prince of Piemont)

Army Group Assets:
61st Air Force Sqn (recon)

1st Army (Gen.Pietro Pintor)
Army Assets:
4th AA Arty Rgt

2nd Army Arty Group
4th Army Arty Group
7th Army Arty Group

8th Army Arty Group
1st Signal Bn
2nd Cableways Bn
2nd Miners (Mountain Eng) Bn
5th Miners Bn
69th Air Force Sqn (recon)

Army Reserves :
7th Infantry Division “Lupi di Toscana” (Gen. Ottavio Priore)

16th Infantry Division “Pistoia” (Gen. Mario Priore)
22nd Infantry Division “Cacciatori delle Alpi” (Gen. Dante
5th Alpini Division (Gen. Amedeo de Cia)
“Celere” (fast – motor) Group
1st Bersaglieri Rgt
3rd Tanks Rgt
“Cavalleggeri di Monferrato” Cav. Rgt

2nd Corps (Gen. Francesco Bettini)

4th Infantry Division (Mountain) “Livorno” (Gen. Benvenuto Gioda)
33rd Infantry Division (Mountain) “Acqui” (Gen. Francesco Sartoris)
36th Infantry Division (Mountain) “Forli’ ” (Gen. Giulio Perugi)
4th Alpini Division “Cuneense” (Gen.Alberto Ferrero)
Corps Assets :
3rd Guardia alla Frontiera (Frontier Guards) Sector
2nd Corps Arty Group

2nd Eng Group

7th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
14th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
22nd Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
“Valle Stura” Alpini Bn
“Val Maira” Alpini Bn
6th MMG Bn
102nd MMG Bn
109th Positional MMG Bn

114th Positional MMG Bn
5th “Artieri” (Construction Eng) Bn
2nd Tank coy
84th Telegraph Coy
152nd Workers Coy
1st Chemical Coy
72nd Searchlights Section
6th Mobile Pingeon-Messengers Unit

3rd Corps (Gen. Mario Arisio)
3rd Infantry Division “Ravenna” (Gen. Edoardo Nebbia)
6th Infantry Division “Cuneo” (Gen. Gen.Carlo Melotti)
Corps Assets :
2nd Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
3rd Corps Arty Group
3rd Eng Group
16th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
“Val Venosta” Alpini Bn

3rd MMG Bn
103rd MMG Bn
112th Positional MMG Bn
10th “Artieri” (Construction Eng) Bn
7th Telegraph Coy
72nd Telegraph Coy
3rd Blackshirts Bn
4th Blackshirts Bn

8th Mobile Pingeon-Messengers Unit

15th Corps (Gen.Gastone Gambara)
5th Infantry Division “Cosseria” (Gen. Alberto Vassari)
37th Infantry Division (Mountain) “Modena” (Gen. Alessandro Gloria)
44th Infantry Division “Cremona” (Gen. Umberto Mondino)
Alpini Group (4 x Alpini Bns – 2 x Alpini ARty Bns – 1 x Blackshirts
Corps Assets :
1st Guardia alla Frontiera Sector

5th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector

15th Corps Arty Group
11th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
24th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
15th MMG Bn
108th Positional MMG Bn
111th Positional MMG Bn
9th “Artieri” (Construction Eng) Bn

71st Telegraph Coy
76th Telegraph Coy

100th Radio Coy
33rd Blackshirts Bn
34th Blackshirts Bn

4th Army (Gen. Alfredo Guzzoni)
Army Assets :

1st AA Arty Rgt
1st Army Arty Group
6th Army Arty Group

9th Army Arty Group
5th Eng Group
1st Miners Bn
3rd Miners Bn
5th Air Force Sqn (recon)

2nd Telegraph Coy
129th Radio Coy
Army Reserves :
11th Infantry Division “Brennero” (Gen. Arnaldo Forgiero)

58th Infantry Division “Legnano” (Gen. Edoardo Scala)
2nd Alpini DIvision “Tridentina” (Gen. Ugo Santovito)
“Celere” Group
4th Bersaglieri Rgt

1st Tank Rgt
“Nizza Cavalleria” Cav.Rgt

1st Corps (Gen. Carlo Vecchiarelli)
1st Infantry Division (Mountain) “Superga” (Gen. Curio Barbasetti di

24th Infantry Division “Pinerolo” (Gen. Giuseppe de Stefanis)
59th Infantry Division (Mountain) “Cagliari” (Gen. Antonio Scuero)
Corps Assets :
8th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector

9th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
1st Corps Arty Group
19th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
23rd Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
“Susa” Alpini Bn

“Val Cenischia” Alpini Bn
3rd Alpini Group (3 bns)
1st MMG Bn

101st MMG Bn
113th Positional MMG Bn
11th “Artieri” (Construction Eng) Bn
78th Telegraph Coy
83rd Telegraph Coy
96th Radio Coy

11th Blackshirts Bn
3rd Mobile Pingeon-Messengers Unit

4th Corps (Gen.Camillo Mercalli)
2nd Infantry Division (Mountain) “Sforzesca (Gen. Alfonso Ollearo)
26th Infantry Division (Mountain) “Assietta” (Gen. Emanuele
Corps Assets :
7th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
4th Corps Arty Group

8th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
4th MMG Bn

104th Positional MMG Bn
1st “Artieri” (Construction Eng) Bn
73rd Telegraph Coy
92nd Telegraph Coy
98th Radio Coy
11th Mobile Pingeon-Messengers Unit

Alpini Corps (Gen. Luigi Negri)
1st Alpini Division “Taurineense” (Gen. Paolo Micheletti)

Alpini Group “Levanna”
3rd Alpini Rgt
Corps Assets :
10th Guardia alla Frontiera Sector
12th Guardia alla Frontiera Arty Group
103rd Positional MMG Bn
110th Positional MMG Bn

Alpini Bn “Duca d’Aosta”

Alpini ski unit “Monte Bianco”
Alpini “Arditi” (Assault Troops) Unit
13th Blackshirts Bn

OOB Courtesy Arturo Lorioli