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CV 33 (L3/33) and CV 35 (L3/35)

CV 35 (L3/35)

This tank was evolved from the CV 33 (3.3 Tons), and used in the Abyssinia War, the Spanish Civil War and the invasion of Albania.

This tankette utilized two gimbal mounted 8mm Breda Model 38 machine guns and came in a variety of models such as command vehicles, flame throwers and bridge layers.

During WWII, the CV33 was quickly outclassed by the Allies. A newer model was developed known as the CV 35 (L3/35) which increased its proficiency, but not enough to be effective.

Approximately 2,000 CV 33’s and L3/33-35’s were built.

Specifications For CV 33 (L3/33)
Class CV 33 (L3/33)
Armor 12 mm
Range 110 km
Weight 2.7 tons
Speed 42 km/hr
Dimensions 3.03 x 1.40 x 1.20 mt
Crew 2
Armament n.1 MG 6.5 mm

Specifications For CV 35 (L3/35)


Class CV 35 (L3/35)
Armor 13 mm
Range 150 km
Weight 3.3 tons
Speed 42 km/hr
Dimensions 3.15 x 1.40 x 1.28 mt
Crew 2
Armament n.2 6.5 mm MG

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